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April 09, 2002


Rogers Cadenhead

Poynter MediaNews contains links to three WSJ redesign stories, and has mentioned it previously. I'm surprised it isn't being played up more -- Romanesko must not be a newspaper redesign geek like I am.

Bryce Payne

Yeah, I saw and linked to the 3 WSJ stories, but they were buried in with other content. Given the profile of this relaunch, I had expected it would be featured more promiently. Thanks for your thoughts, Rogers.

Amy Wohl

WSJ has certainly been giving us lots of advance notice that (a) it was happening (b) we would love it. Once I had assured myself that the front page summary (which I read first thing, every day) was still there I could relax and look at the rest. I'd say, on balance, it's okay. I don't care whether they use colored pictures or not -- color might improve the readability (and comprehension ratings) for some of the graphics. I am having a problem with the WSJ getting longer without the meaningful content getting more useful -- just lots more "stuff." This means I have to spend more time looking through it to get to the industry material I count on reading. I don't think that's an improvement.

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